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Coming by car to Devon General Remembered at Newton Abbot?

It’s convenient to get to our event by public transport on Sunday 3rd September 2023, but if you would prefer to come by car you will find there are several car parks near to our bus stops on Highweek Way.

Please bear in mind that two of these car parks have strict time limits, so choose your car park carefully, according to how long you expect your visit to last.

Picture credit: Google Maps

The closest car park to our bus stops on Highweek Way is the Asda store car park, but this has a 3 hour maximum stay, enforced by cameras. Newfoundland Way car park is a 2 minute walk away, but has a 4 hour maximum stay. The long stay car parks at Wolborough Way and the Livestock Market are a 3 minute walk away, but have no time limit on your stay. The Asda car park is free on a Sunday, whilst the others have a flat fee of £1 for any period between 10am and 4pm, and are free before and after these times.


Posted 25th August 2023